Code of Conduct

Promise of conduct and performance of the member companies of the DIFG
The perception and the image of the fitness sector are mainly influenced by the appearance and actions of its actors. Our members want to contribute to a continuous and future-oriented development of the fitness and health industry. Therefore they commit themselves to following the principles presented below by signing our Code of Conduct:

  • When dealing with customers, employees and competitors they respect and live the principles of co-operation, justice, respect and sense of responsibility.
  • The offer of high-quality products is the primary aim of the company.
  • The company respects the standard commercial practise and stands up for the compliance to the rules of the free market.
  • The member stands up for healthy fitness sports and opposes abuse of medical substances and drugs.
  • The member is obliged to diligently follow these principles and is aware that misconduct of the individual company will have repercussions on the whole sector.